You are using Fedora 14 or 15 on an x86_64 system. When listening to e.g. YouTube videos or any other audio using Adobe Flash Player plugin for your browser, you hear distorted sounds, clicks, repeated patterns.


To fix Adobe Flash, we just need to force it to use simple memcpy() implementation. We do so by means of LD_PRELOAD mechanism.

After adding LD_PRELOAD for the fifth time after Firefox and later Google Chrome update, I ended up writing a simple RPM package which does it automatically each time your Firefox or Google Chrome is updated. To achieve it, my package uses RPM trigger mechanism.

So, you just need to install the below package, and restart your browser.

Variant 1: using command line

$ su - (or sudo -s)
# wget -P /etc/yum.repos.d/
# yum install flash-fix

Variant 2: direct download

Install flash-fix.rpm.

Sources etc

See repo/.


NO WARRANTY EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED. If your computer is burnt as a result of using this package, I am not the one to blame.